XPO LTL driver behind the wheel of truck

Covid-19 Update to LTL Customers

COVID-19 Update to Less-Than-Truckload Customers

Service Updates

At XPO Logistics, we're here for you. We're ready to serve all your LTL needs with available capacity to handle increased freight demand as well as the following preventative measures and enhanced protocols to maintain safe and reliable service to our customers:

  • No-contact pickup and delivery service is available
  • Increased site sanitization standards implemented for our service centers and equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment provided to our front-line employees to keep them safe as well as protect our customers
  • Social distancing guidelines that are adhered to at all our sites and service centers
  • Daily monitoring to ensure all staff are healthy

View printable info on Contactless Delivery.

Please contact your local service center to discuss your specific safety requirements for pickup and delivery at your facility.


Please review these FAQs for information on possible shipment impacts:

If my local service center closes, how will I get assistance?
Shipment details such as status, shipment documents, rate quotes and pickup requests can be managed online at LTL.xpo.com. If a service center closes, the phones will be routed to another call center. For urgent needs, please call (800) 755-2728 or email LTLccg@xpo.com.

Who do I notify if an XPO employee has potentially been exposed to COVID-19 while picking up or delivering at my facility?
Please contact your local service center manager and provide details regarding the exposure.

What’s the best way to stop or reconsign my shipment until my customer is available?
Contact your local service center to discuss your request or email us at LTLccg@xpo.com for diversion or reconsignment requests.

Will transit times be impacted if a service center closes?
Freight will be re-routed. While some delays are possible, we’ll do everything possible to meet transit times. Customers can track shipments at LTL.xpo.com. You can also create email shipment notifications by PRO# or for all shipments at a location so you have status visibility

What if the consignee refuses to sign the delivery receipt?
We have a No Contact Delivery process. While a signed delivery receipt (DR) is preferred, if the consignee prefers not to sign due to social distancing, the driver will indicate as such on the DR and deliver the freight. The consignee will have the option to take photos of the shipment while it’s still in the trailer. Please contact your sales account executive to establish a No Contact agreement.