XPO LTL driver behind the wheel of truck

Customs Broker Services

XPO Logistics’ customs broker service for LTL shipments between the U.S. and Canada simplifies the shipping experience by providing one carrier, one point of contact and one invoice.

Benefits include:

  • Customs clearance for your LTL shipments
  • Dedicated Customs Resource Center
  • Assistance with documents and certifications
  • A single invoice with itemized charges
  • 24/7 shipment monitoring
  • Reduced in-bond shipments and storage charges

How to add Customs Broker Services to your shipment

  1. Get set-up with us - call the XPO Logistics Customs Resource Center (800) 342-7618 or email us and ask to be set-up for customs brokerage service
  2. Schedule your pickup online or by calling your local service center. Complete the Bill of Lading and write XPO CB in the remarks section.

XPO Logistics will pick-up your shipment, assist with paperwork and customs clearance then deliver to the destination with the same great on-time and damage-free service we provide in the U.S.