XPO LTL driver behind the wheel of truck

Exclusive Use of a Trailer

Some freight needs its own space when shipping; whether it’s delicate, fragile or high-value, if your less-than-truckload (LTL) shipment is important and needs its own, private trailer choose our Exclusive Use service to ensure your shipment is delivered damage-free.

Exclusive Use Service

Choose exclusive use to get a private trailer for your shipments.

Whether it’s to protect freight that can’t be comingled or handled during shipping, or increase security on your high-value freight, our Exclusive Use service give you a private trailer and instant capacity.

  • Exclusive use of a whole trailer for your freight
  • Eliminates handling & comingling of freight during shipping
  • Can be combined with Time Date Critical service
  • Ensure security and capacity for your high-value freight

To Get Exclusive Use:

  1. Call origin service center to request the service
  2. Indicate request for Exclusive Use on BOL
  3. When the driver arrives, place special security tag to “secure” trailer door
  4. Tag must be removed by the consignee only
  5. Consignee signs off on delivery receipt

Click here to download Exclusive Use 1-pager