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Express Rate

ExpressRate* is XPO’s popular desktop rating application for LTL shipments, available to download from this site. Use ExpressRate to:

  • Get rate quotes on your desktop computer without internet access.
  • Customize a rate quotes by entering your negotiated pricing agreement discount, including accessorials from the CWY 199 tariff.
  • Get transit times based on the shipment information you enter.
  • View XPO LTL service center locations and contact information.

To download the current version, click here.

To download the previous versions, click here.

Rates included in this version are effective January 4, 2021. This version includes all the enhancements introduced beginning with ExpressRate 2001, including full client/server functionality — install it once on a server and multiple workstations can use it.

It offers an easy-to-use graphical user interface, a full help system, XPO LTL Service Center addresses and telephone numbers and XPO Logistics service standards. It’s compact, efficient and useful on a majority of computer systems and will run on Microsoft Windows 98, 2000, NT 4.0, XP and 7. You will download a zip file named ER2020.exe which, when downloaded, will create the installation and setup utility for ExpressRate January 2021. Please note when you are ready to install ExpressRate January 2021, double-click ER2021.zip. This will unzip a file named ER2021.exe which, when double-clicked, will launch the installation facility. Follow the prompts to install ExpressRate January 2021.

Hardware Requirements

  • A personal computer with at least a P100 processor
  • 32 MB or more of free hard disk space
  • 8 MB RAM minimum; 16 MB or more preferred
  • 80-column display

Installation Instructions

For Windows 2000, 98, NT 4.0, XP and 7, follow these steps:

  • Make note of where you save the file when you download it.
  • Double-click ER2021.zip from your desktop. This will automatically unzip a file named ER2020.exe.
  • Run ER2021.exe to launch the installation facility.
  • Follow the directions that appear on the screen.
  • If you accepted the defaults, the ExpressRate program will have been stored on the C drive in a folder named Program Files\XPO Logistics ExpressRateJan2021.
  • Again, if you have accepted the defaults, the setup program will have created a Program Group named XPO Logistics ExpressRateJan2021 and also will have placed an icon on your desktop.
  • Delete the ER2021.zip file from your desktop. You no longer need it.

Operating Instructions

Starting the Program

Double-click the ExpressRate icon. The program starts at the main user interface.

Rating a Shipment

Enter an origin and destination for each shipment. You can use either a U.S. postal code or a Canadian postal code. Postal codes are 5 digits in length, in this version of Express Rate, Canadian postal codes are also limited to the first 5 characters. Once both a valid origin and destination have been entered, the standard transit time will appear on the screen.

Enter the class and weight value for each commodity being shipped and hit enter, the class, weight, rate and charge will appear in the large center text area. As each commodity is entered, the totals shown below the commodity window will be re-calculated. For any lane, up to eight separate items can be entered for a single shipment. If an item is entered in error, it can be removed by double-clicking the line in the commodity window. The totals will automatically re-calculate.

The rated shipment will appear on the screen with full detail of origin, destination, weight, class, rate, extended charges, discount and net charges. From the file menu, or the tool bar there are several tools available that allow you to: 1) print the bill, 2) display the charges in Canadian dollars, 3) display the entire rate table (all classes, all weight brackets) between the origin and destination of the bill, or 4) jump to the Settings page where pricing data and locations can be set up to simplify rate look-ups.

Customization Options and Supplemental Tools

The Options menu found on the menu bar across the top of the main user interface page features a number of tools that can be used to customize or extend ExpressRate. They are:

Rating Prompts — This will allow the user to set up a constant set of accessorials or prompt the user at run time for any accessorials to be added. This is also where the currency exchange, or any rate factor, is entered.

Settings — A bill has at least two, and sometimes three, parties to it, in different roles. There is always a shipper and a consignee, and often a bill-to party. ExpressRate provides a utility for maintaining a file of parties to a bill of lading. Use it (by clicking B/L Parties on the Bill of Lading System interface) to add, delete or modify companies or individuals that will be listed on your bills. Then you will be able to choose parties for each role on the bill simply by picking them from a drop-down list on the main interface.

Commodities — This is where the user can set up discounts, Fuel surcharge, Class overrides, including straight or tiered FAK. Discounts can be set up as flat or tiered by weight bracket. Discounts can also be specified by origin or destination postal code. This is also where the user would specify a constant origin or destination postal code for this pricing. The user can save pricing for many different locations.

Information menu — Contains several links to XPO locations on the web.

  • Tools and Pricing
  • Corporate Home Page
  • Global LTL
  • Current FSC

Help — Full-featured help system

* The information provided by the ExpressRate software represents tariff information in effect when this rating application was created. Upon request, current tariff information is available at www.xpo.com/business-terms or by contacting your local account executive. XPO Logistics service standards and freight charges that are shown by the ExpressRate software are for information only and do not take precedence over the most current tariff rates and charges. Actual prices for XPO Logistics LTL services will be based on weight, National Motor Freight Class, conditions of tender and the pricing agreement that exists between XPO Logistics, LTL subsidiary and the debtor for these services, or the applicable tariff at the time a shipment is tendered.