How to Ship to Mexico

When shipping LTL freight to or from Mexico, XPO is the perfect solution.

Ship cross-border with the benefit of XPO’s decades of experience in Mexico. We have the organization and infrastructure to ensure that your freight arrives undamaged and on time.

What are the benefits of your cross-border Mexico service?

  • Door-to-door shipments, managed from origin to border and border to destination
  • Seamless tracking during transit
  • 24-hour monitoring by our Customs Resource Center

What shipping options do you offer to Mexico?

  • Door-to-door
    • We will manage your shipment from origin to final destination.
    • Our Mexico affiliate company will transport your shipment to its final destination.
  • To and from the border
    • We will manage your shipment from origin to border crossing.
    • Your shipment will be picked up at the U.S. origin you specify and transported to the border.
    • A carrier of your choice will transport your shipment to its final destination.

How to Ship to Mexico from the U.S.

  • Select a Mexico customs broker or forwarder (see table below)
  • Complete an XPO Logistics LTL bill of lading
    • Shipping door-to-door: download and complete the bill of lading
      See an example
    • Shipping to the border: complete a bill of lading
  • Schedule a Pickup Request

How to Ship LTL to the U.S. from Mexico

When shipping door-to-door:

  • Select a U.S. customs broker or forwarder (see table below).
  • Complete an XPO Service Order.
  • Call the XPO Logistics Customs Resource Center to schedule a pickup request at (866) 431-0777.

When shipping border-to-door:

  • Select a U.S. customs broker or forwarder (see table below).

Mexico shipping forms

Mexico shipping resources

Mexico coverage map

We provide direct service to more than 40 major cities in Mexico and can service all portions of Mexico through our affiliate transportation partners.

Use our U.S.-Mexico Cross-Border Map (pdf) to determine border crossing locations and major service areas.

Please contact the XPO Freight Customs Resource Center or call 866-431-0777 to verify the border crossing.

What documents do I need to ship to and from Mexico?

To begin a shipment to Mexico, all you need to do is complete a bill of lading. Work with your broker to complete a Commercial Invoice and the NAFTA Certificate of Origin. When shipping into the U.S., you’ll need the Commercial Invoice. Your customs broker will take care of the rest.

Are customs broker fees or border crossing fees included in my rate quote?

No, customs broker fees and border crossing fees are not included in your rate quote. They must be obtained through your broker.

Can I track a shipment to Mexico?

Door-to-door shipments to Mexico can be tracked. For shipments other than door-to-door, tracking results will only provide status information for the U.S. portion of the shipment.

Where do I go to track my shipment?

Go to Tracking and enter your PRO number.

Does XPO Logistics have terminals in Mexico?

No. We partner with our affiliate company to manage freight in Mexico. They have a network of service centers throughout Mexico.

How do I get a door-to-door rate quote to Mexico?

To determine if your shipment can be sent door-to-door, go to Rate Quote.

To get an intra-Mexico rate quote, call the XPO Logistics Customs Resource Center at 866-431-0777 or email us at

Can you recommend a customs broker?

Please visit the U.S. Customs & Border Protection website for a list of brokers by port.

Where will my shipment cross the border?

All door-to-door LTL shipments cross at Laredo, TX. All shipments to or from the border will cross at one of XPO Logistics' 13 border crossing locations. The exact location will be dependent on the destination/origin city in Mexico, the broker selected to cross the freight, and/or the carrier selected to transport the freight in Mexico. Contact your customs broker to identify exact border crossing locations for XPO Logistics shipments to and from the border.

Where can I go for more help?

Call the XPO Logistics Customs Resource Center at 866-431-0777 or