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How to Create a Bill of Lading

The online bill of lading capability is offered to registered users of LTL.xpo.com. Log in to LTL.xpo.com to get started.

How to Create a New Online Bill of Lading (BOL)

Enter BOL Information

  • Select your role and payment method. If you wish to schedule a pickup request after you submit the BOL, click Yes, otherwise click No.
  • Click Continue.
  • Select a location from the Customer Locations list or check the box to use your default. You may override the displayed information by typing over it.
  • Enter the contact information in the Consignee Information section.
  • Enter the contact and the Bill-To Information section.
  • In the Commodities section:
    • Enter the number of pieces in the shipment.
    • Enter the weight of your shipment.
    • Enter the description of the materials for the shipment, or select one from the drop-down menu.
      Tip: These are based on your previous commodities. Click Edit your Description to make changes to the list.
    • Select how the shipment is packaged (pallet, drum skid, etc.) from the drop-down list.
    • Enter the National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) number.
    • Select the Commodity Class. If you are not sure of your class, contact your local service center or Account Executive.
      Tip: Be sure to check the “HazMat” box if your shipment qualifies. You must fill out the Emergency Contact Name and Phone information fields.
  • Indicate the payment method you intend to use, then check whether that payment method and any special services apply to each shipment.
  • Indicate how you prefer to have a PRO number applied to your shipment.
    • Enter a PRO number XPO Logistics has pre-assigned to you.
    • Select Auto-assign a PRO if we should auto-assign one for you.
    • Select Do not auto-assign a PRO if you want our driver sales representative to assign a PRO when the shipment is picked up.
      Tip: You can add custom reference numbers of your own choosing to the shipment, like PO or Shipper’s Number, and track the shipment using this number.

Request a pickup

  • Enter the pickup time and contact information.
  • If the shipment is being picked up at your location, simply click Same as requestor.
  • Click the Continue button at the bottom of the screen.

Please note: Contact your local service center for pickup requests submitted after 4:00 p.m. (local time).

View the BOL Summary Page

Review the information on the Summary page. If you need to make changes, click the Modify link in each section. After the changes are complete, you’ll be returned to the Summary page.

Submit the BOL

At this point, you may either submit the BOL, or you may submit the BOL and create a template. After the BOL is submitted, you may:

  • Print, email or fax the BOL.
  • Get a rate quote based on the details of the BOL.
  • Sign up for tracking notifications via email for this shipment.
  • View contact information for the responsible Service Center.

Visit the Print Center to print BOLs and shipping labels

  • Select the Print Center tab from the top of the BOL screen.
  • Select the time range for the BOLs or labels you wish to print, then click Retrieve.
    • To print a BOL:
      • Select View/Print BOL, then Continue.
        Tip: Check the box to sign the BOL with your name if needed.
      • Select the BOL you want to print from the list of BOLs displayed. If you want to print all of the BOLs, click the All box at the top of the list.
    • To print labels, follow these four steps. Note that labels can only be printed for BOLs that have had a PRO number pre-assigned to them:
      • Choose the type of label you want to print: Shipping label or PAPS label.
      • Select the BOL you want to print labels for. If you want to print labels for all of the BOLs displayed, select the All box at the top of the list.
      • Select the start position for the label, then Continue.
      • The label will appear in a new window. Review the label, then click Print.

Tip: Save BOL templates with information intact, for reuse later. For example, save a template that has a daily shipment with all the information complete except the quantity. When you’re ready, pull up the template, enter the quantity, then submit the BOL.

What is a BOL Template?

A BOL template is a fully or partially-completed and unsubmitted Bill of Lading that has been saved by a customer. Templates do not have to be complete to be saved; for example, you could build a template that contains all necessary information except the quantity (or the commodity, or the weight, etc.). When you know the missing information, you simply enter it and submit the template as a BOL.

NOTE: Only a completed and submitted BOL can be printed — templates can't be printed or used in place of a valid, submitted BOL.

How do I create a BOL Template?

LTL.xpo.com registered users can create Bill of Lading templates, which save time when you’re ready to ship.

  • Login to LTL.xpo.com.
  • Select Bill of Lading from the Ship It menu.

You can save a submitted BOL as a template and then create a BOL from that template in the future. You can also create a template from scratch, or save an unsubmitted BOL as a template at any stage of completion.

How many templates can I save?

The current limit for templates is 10,000. If you plan on using more than 2,000, please let us know in advance. We may be able to provide you with a better solution than templates provide.

How do I complete a BOL template for cross-border shipments between the U.S. and Canada?

View our Canada Bill of Lading FAQ's for details.

To Use a Previously Saved BOL Template

  • Select a previously-saved BOL template from the menu. You can also search using the search box.

  • The BOL creation screen will be pre-populated with all your information entered when the template was created. Review and edit the information and click the Continue button.

Additional BOL Tools

  • Templates: Create BOL templates to help you save time.
  • Submitted BOLs tab: View recent BOL history here. BOLs/labels you've entered are saved for two weeks.
  • My Data tab: Save time by creating your own personalized commodity description list. New additions are immediately available for you to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I print a BOL/shipping label?

  • After you've submitted the completed BOL, you will use the Print Center to print your BOL and/or any associated shipping labels.
  • The BOL (or labels) will open in a new window with a button called "View/Print BOL."
  • The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click on the printer icon to print the BOL.

Help — my PDFs aren't printing!

  • Be sure you have the most current version of the Adobe Acrobat Reader (free, download here).
  • If you're trying to print and nothing seems to happen, you may have an issue with your pop-up blocker. Many companies and internet browsers (like Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome) install software to block pop-up advertisements. Since our forms open in a new window for convenient printing, this software may block the PDF printing window. Contact your IT department; pop-up blockers can easily be adjusted to permit pop-ups from trusted sources like XPO.com.
  • If you're an AOL user, be sure you have the most current version of the AOL software. Click here for more AOL info.
  • Try printing on another computer at your location — this is a great way to determine where the issue may be.
  • If you've tried all of these suggestions, please contact our Help Desk or call us at 800-755-2728.

Can I request a pickup?

Yes. When creating an online bill of lading, simply click the yes box on the Bill of Lading — Create page.

Can I make changes online to a BOL that has already been submitted?

Yes. Click Bill of Lading on the Ship It menu. Then click the Submitted BOLs tab. Select the BOL you wish to modify, then go to the BOL section and select Update BOL.

How long does XPO retain the archived BOLs?

BOLs are archived for two weeks after submission.

How can I download a CSV flat file of recently submitted BOLs?

You can download a CSV file by using this tool.

What are the PRO label barcode specs for LTL with XPO Logistics?

2D PRO label: 8 large square 2D Data Matrix barcodes at 1.063” wide x 1.063” high. 2D Data Matrix Barcode format is 16 x 16 x 20.

1D Barcode labels: 2 barcode labels located at the bottom are Code: 39, 13.3 2.5:1. Linear codes at 2.188” wide x .313” high.

What type of labels do I need to use to print PAPs labels?

Use Avery Shipping Labels Laser 6871. There are 18 labels per sheet and the label size is 1 1/4" x 2 3/8". The labels should print fine on all laser printers and will hold up well in most situations. Inkjet printers can be used, but like anything printed on an inkjet printer, the labels will usually smudge if they get wet.

Font style and font size printed on our LTL with XPO Logistics labels

The larger human-readable PRO number 2D bar code is Arial Narrow 20 pt.
The smaller human-readable PRO number 1D bar code is OCR-A 14 pt.