XPO LTL driver behind the wheel of truck

Summary Reports

At LTL.xpo.com, with a few clicks, you can easily generate reports for all of your LTL shipping activity with XPO Logistics.

Available Reports

  • Activity Report — A 13-month snapshot of total shipment activity, including volume, weight, miles, payment type, and more.
  • Exception Report — A list of information about shipments with delivery issues.
  • Lane Analysis Report — A monthly breakdown of shipments by state.

You can view these reports according to your outbound or inbound shipments.

  • Service Report — Details XPO Logistics' on-time performance statistics for your locations.
  • Top 20 Vendors/Customers Report  — Lists the names, addresses and ranks of your top customers and vendors. Information is displayed for the current month, the previous month, and year-to-date.

How to generate a report

  • Choose Summary Reports from the Manage It menu.
  • From the drop-down menu, select the type of shipments to use for your report — either inbound or outbound.
  • Select the type of report you wish to view.
  • Select the Account you want to run a report on.

    • You can use the drop-down box to select from a recently viewed account, or choose from your complete list of accounts.
    • You can change which accounts appear in the recently viewed drop-down box by clicking on Edit This List.
    • If an account doesn't appear on your complete list, you can look for it by clicking Search for an Account.
    • And, if the account you wish to use is missing, click on the link below the list to request the account be added.
    • Your report will be displayed in a table format.
    • The three blue buttons in the upper right will allow you to print, email/fax or download a version of the report in an Excel format.